Live Virtual Training: Psychologically Safe Workplace for Supervisors & Managers

Why is it important for your supervisors/managers to take this course?

As you may know, the workplace is now recognized as an important influence on mental health. Between 10% and 25% of workplaces are characterized by conditions and environments considered mentally injurious. Occupational health physician specialists report that 50–60% of their caseloads are related directly or indirectly to mental health concerns. The objective of this course is to provide supervisors/managers with the information they need to create and promote a healthy culture within your organization where both employees and the organization can thrive.

Stress at Work, Mental Injury and the Law in Canada: A discussion paper for the Mental Health Commission of Canada. Martin Shain. Mental Health Commission of Canada. 2008.

The economic burden of mental disorders
in Canada, including long-term disability,
has been estimated at $51 billion a year.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this training, you should be able to:

  • Define key concepts such as a “psychologically safe workplace” and “psychosocial hazards”, and distinguish between mental illness, mental injury, and mental health.
  • State the key business and legal drivers for creating and maintaining a psychologically safe environment, including the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.
  • Explain management’s role in protecting the mental health of their employees.
  • Improve your organization’s work environment through application of the Seven Strategies for Psychological Safety.
  • Apply the course material to a case study of a workplace situation.
  • Locate further resources to support a Psychologically Safe Workplace.

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Our Live Virtual Psychologically Safe Workplace Training covers:

Overview of a Psychologically Safe Workplace

Psychological Risk Factors

Drivers of a Psychologically Safe Workplace

Developing a Psychologically Safe Workplace – Management’s Role

Accessing the Workplace –
Guiding Minds @ Work – Partial Quiz

Case Study: Castle Works Consulting

Review Psychological Safety Policy